Article: WHAT IS YOUR MISSION? Your mission is To Be. 

Therm of MISSION was understood in so many ways here, but I see mostly 3 basic views here. 1. Some times as that we have NO MISSION, no purpose at all, 2. sometimes as an OBLIGATION ones have towards God – especially in religion & spiritual circles this one was drawn to the point of view as if we were Gods “slaves” (this has roots also in anunnakis story on the Earth, where they were taken as Gods and their creations programmed as slaves, if you know it more or less, you know what I am talking about). 3. as “serving” God through mission of SAVING others & the whole world – based on spiritual EGO and self importance, dependency – SAVIOR-VICTIM duality game, fanaticism, sects, spiritual circles,..  📍Now what I see, feel all around “mission”, our purpose is, that 1. You are free, not a slave, if you are doing something do it just because it pops up from you as a YOUR NATURAL EXPRESSION OF WHO YOU ARE – JOY, play, unconditional love, and consciousness of unity – you do it FOR YOU as you and the other, you are God – we are One. 2. IS EVERYBODY DIFFERENT? Yes, everybody is special, as if everybody here was representing different color tone of God – and that is our special gift, specific blueprint. And ARE WE THE SAME? Yes, at the same time we are one and we all have the same divine spark in us, general Gods blueprint, potential of wholeness, oneness, in it. We are already God, expressing itself in this particular experience. For ex. Red has experience as red and it is expressing itself as red. Green as green, etc. And so God is having multiple experiences through every color we are. SO WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE? TO BE. Be the color you are. Experience your color. How you can be color you are? During this existence distortions of colors appeared, which means that red many times is not so red but it became some kind of “dirty” red! 🙂 So now it would be great to “clean” it, to be that bright red again you are. It is up to you to do so or not, you have free will, you can experience also how it is to be dirty red, although don’t think it would be very pleasurable! Lol. Remember that everything you do – you do it in reality FOR YOU, and TO YOU. ✨ So you can be the bright red you are, and also at the same time, as we as collective have decided to start our journey home, into our wholeness, unity, oneness again – here in our bodies – You can INTEGRATE ALL OTHER COLORS YOU HAVE POTENTIAL TO BE. TO BE WHOLE, to be God.. here – go back home – in you. It is up to you again.  But remember, that WHAT YOU TRULY ARE IS SO MUCH BEYOND YOUR COLOR YOU WAS REPRESENTING DURING THIS LONG EXPERIENCE. YOU ARE BEYOND ALL COLORS. YOU ARE UNITY, ONENESS, GOD, HOME. YOU ARE WHOLE. THAT IS YOU NATURAL STATE OF BEING. UNITY IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CHOOSE, IT IS SOMETHING YOU SIMPLE ARE. ✨ I see there is no mission at all in that concept as we usually use it. Neither the word mission doesn’t match. I see it as a simple question of LOYALTY towards you, your higher self, – TO BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE – fully – not because of God, or anybody or anything. Not because serving, saving, necessity or anything like that. JUST BECAUSE BEING YOU, BEING YOUR ESSENCE, IS SO NATURAL, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO LIVE IT -TO BE YOU, it is healing, it is real abundance – and of course is the mayor gift for the whole world also, as the consequence of it. You can help others also – but again because it is just so natural for you to do so, it is your nature. Not as a suffering or sacrifice of you “in name of God” or for someone etc. But everything starts within You, this is the Divine Order. ✨

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