Some people just don’t want to see their own big shit, and not only that, they pretend it is yours. 

This – seems to be or not, is the ENERGY UPDATE for now 😁 ALL kinds of EGO, and Lies of Ego are being cleared with help of coming energies. All FALSE PROJECTION ABOUT OURSELVES, OTHERS and REALITY ARE FALLING DOWN – projections are more intense now, but also we can distinguish the truth more easily – so areas, situation in our lives (also past lives) which are not seen, you can have suddenly clarity about them. You can be at both sides. 1 if you don’t see & assume your own stuff, and so you are projecting it on others and blaming them for your “failures” (responsibilities), or 2. You are the receiver of that false blaming & projections about you from others. Or 3 – both of them. But the thing goes around Ego, SPIRITUAL EGO – but also all kinds of ego, fanaticism, dogmatism, sects, religion, believes -> PERFECTIONISM & Aggression towards other while “defending” “the truth” – the LIE, ILLUSION, UNTRUTH – because of BLINDNESS caused by FALSE PERCEPTION of oneself & ESPECIALLY NO WILLINGNESS to see the TRUTH about oneself. It is much about this kind of “I AM MASTER OF ALL” ego, GURU SYNDROME, ADORATION.. 😁 so thats it.. 😂😂😂 This comes also from our history – on the Earth in concrete from the history of Atlantis. – cleaning this memories & stuff around projections. 💕

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