Are addictions draining your energy?

ENERGY FORECATS _ ARTICLE: Addictions and “bad” habits are more or less but simply acts of self harm someway. They are ways how to literally feed energetically negative entities with these many little-big sacrifices in our daily lives, and also to feed our own “needs” and cravings of THAT – that what? That kind of energy & sensations which are highly addictive, energy of sacrifice, suffering & also drama. Whaaat??? Addicted to suffering, pain and drama? No way! 😄 I thought the same but.. as these things drain energy & the PROCESS OF DRAINING ENERGY – can become strangely “pleasurable”, like when a Vampire 👹😄 in a movie sucks blood and the other person is feeling THAT kind of “pleasure”. 😋😂 But this is not the only reason why we do anti -well being things! 😄 There are fear based, many times unconscious decisions and programs behind (I will talk about these later). So these little daily sacrifices – things which drain our energy can be really from super tiny ones to big ones, as for ex. being in a very uncomfortable almost painful body position, being addicted to collecting informations all the time which you think you NEED, it can be not doing, and postponing, complicating things that are good for you – for ex. to exercise, but also it is being addicted & obsessed with it all the time (adrenaline), it can be not eating healthy, but also being obsessed and worry 24h about healthy food, it can be addiction to saving people, to being ego important Ír famous, to emotional drama time to time 🙂 etc.. Mountain of different things, but the common OBJECTIVE of all of them is – CONSUMING YOUR ENERGY, on many levels – mentally CAPTURING YOUR ATTENTION, FOCUS, emotionally, physically, vital energy – LIFE FORCE level, psychically -> but always the final thing is YOUR ENERGY. The objective is to pay periodically a little or big energetical non-existent taxes to these astral entities, to serve them (one of those are Archons) – which are many times perceived as whispers in your head,  – as “you can’t do it”, or “you are not strong enough”, or “look at this sweet sugar cake, hmmm!!!” 😂😂😜 Do you know that? 😁🤕🤒 IMPORTANT THING IS – WHERE YOU INVEST YOUR ENERGY – that little bit of YOU (time, attention, action, etc.), THAT WILL INCREASE AND SUPPORT THAT REALITY YOU ARE CREATING. So it is not so about maintaining daily life harmony balancing some sacrifice with some self care :), but about choosing WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO NURTURE

IN YOUR LIFE – ABUNDANCE, LIFE & SOVEREIGNTY or lack, death & dependency? Literally – WHAT DO YOU PREFER TO FEED? 😂 The parasite death monster 👹 or YOUR LIFE, DREAMS, ABUNDANCE, WELLBEING? There is no possibility to be sitting in both chairs at the same time. But it is also ok to have periods when it goes easier and when not – but the important thing is your intention, making various “stops” during the day – and ask your self – “WHAT AM I FEEDING NOW?”  and no judgement even when “ooops, I did it again!” 😂😝 – just stop and change it. 🐬 NOW – HOW YOU CAN FEED – CREATE ABUNDANCE, YOUR DREAMS, LIFE, well being, self care? LETTING FLOW OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE, YOUR HIGHER SELF THROUGH YOU – which contain LIFE & ABUNDANCE IN IT – IT IS YOUR NATURE. IT MEANS – JUST BE YOU. It is ALIGNMENT & COMMITMENT WITH YOU – your HIGHER SELF & UNIFYING BOTH. That CONTAINS EVERYTHING YOU REALLY NEED. This is the only way how to create, to becoming the abundance you are. And by the way, to create better stronger aura which protects you from these harsh stuffs! ✨ LET You – you HIGHER SELF FLOW THROUGH YOU, BREATH IT, EXPRESS IT, LIVE IT. BE BRAVE AND STAY LOYAL TO YOU, STAY FIRM AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. IT IS YOUR LIFE, YOUR BODY, YOUR TIME you have in this life time. & It is upon you how you want to spent it. All blessings are upon you. ✨ Maybe it would be great to process some stuff to make it more easier for you to flow, to BRING YOUR HIGHER SELF TO 3D LIFE, as there are especially usually FEARS BEHIND – fear to be authentic, to be you, to express you bravely as you are, fear to let flow abundance you are through you, fear to be poor, to lose the abundance, but also and many times to be rich & abundant – in all senses, not only money – to be supported by others, to be powerful, to be beautiful, to be successful, or so simple as to be just ok! For ex. MANY PEOPLE PREFER TO LIVE IN LACK AS A “SECURE WAY” OF EXISTING, because unconscious or conscious FEARS (of death, of attack, of stole, etc) and programs of lack. So they take fear based decisions and create that kind of reality. This was happening often in old paradigm, but now is the time when we are receiving all support in all levels from our higher realms, unity angels supporting these merging processes between us & our higher selves, our divine sparks we are, and so we can shift it step by step, more easily than ever before – and it feels so good, it feels like VERY FREEDOM. So – you can help you with little but super extra powerful things as – chacra is great to shift addictions, just breath life through it during the day when remember. Also pulling into yourself as many times as you remember (post: “First pull into your center.”) To process all conscious or uncon. issues around, you can use our PROCESSING EXERCISE while focusing on this issue particularly – blockages around being authentic, and support your abundance and wellbeing, shifting self harming habits or addictions. Also you can get more connected to your HIGHER SELF with our DIVINE SPARK ACTIVATION, or (for braver ones 😜) AVATAR UNITY BODY DOWNLOAD  – which we always ask to your higher self if you are ready. Also we do “more little” but also very powerful Activations as “WHAT YOU NEED NOW ACTIVATION” – where you can choose area you want, or let your higher self to choose. All sessions are made by me Petra, or by Josep – first unity holders since thousands years ago, working with pure original divine light codes, divine blue print. Link to our website is in the BIO, any Q&A via email. TAKE CARE OF YOU! Today is good time to relax. 💆🏼‍♂️💃🏼💖

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