It is in the center of your being, where you are most powerful.

Why it is so powerful this place and so important tune into the center of your being all day along, to be there and act from there? It is your divine spark, it is your essence, it is unity, oneness, wholeness. It is God. And there is Your Special divine BLUEPRINT there. It is like a center of tornado 😁. Therefore it is most powerful, blissful, aligned and safe place you can be – ENERGETICALLY – when harsh energies, mental, astral, emotional projections of others on us or ours, psychic attacks, push of individuals or collective stuff, emotions of others or ours, processing our past, blockages, patterns, programs, etc. – therefore it is super powerful to gain also more CLARITY, ANSWERS, to FIND YOUR TRUTH (=to see) and also to SHIFT your stuff and INTEGRATE THE NEW. (=to heal) – as Unity – Oneness energy has CATALISTIC POWER – it can shift distortions or darkness without affecting itself. Unity – your divine spark is INTACT. Always. Soooo it is super helpful in MANIFEST – to CREATE YOUR LIFE FROM THERE 🎉 – reality which is aligned with your higher self instead of in base of others or yours own projections, programs and patterns, social push or anything. So JUST STOP when you can during the day, and PULL INTO YOUR CENTER – even if just for few seconds or minutes. How – check it out in my previous post – “First pull into your center.”

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