PROCESSING EXERCISE – OF ANYTHING. Situations, emotions, energies, blockages, patterns, astral issues, etc.

🔆PROCESSING EXERCISE (of anything – emotions, situations (you, relationships, money, any kind of sit.), blockages, negative energies, astral entities,.. 🔆 OBSERVING. Things change with observation, the ENERGY of you towards it changes, so the whole thing changes too. As you LOOK at that emotion, fear, energy, situation about you, money, person or anything else, you SEE it, it is SEEN. For you it is not the same thing anymore. You shift it from within. Your irradiation, vibration around it changes. And that is what changes also everything else outside of you. 🔴Now – it is needed to do it only from the place of your CENTER, of your CORE, DIVINE SPARK, NEUTRALITY =  judgements free and important – without intention of changing it!!! NO EXPECTATIONS, NO JUDGEMENT, NO INTENTION. IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR DIVINE STATE OF UNITY IN THAT MOMENT, as it is Unity, Oneness, God which has this catalistic power of its state & look at everything – light & dark. So first I recommend you to do some basic centering, grounding and connecting (with your higher self) exercise you can find anywhere on the Internet. After centering,  grounding and connecting – just Look at it with Goods eyes you have. If judgement or ANYTHING appears (you can see, feel many things as responses to that, to see what’s really behind that issue etc..) – again – just look at it. Stay calm and firm in your very center of yourself and wait until the sensation of being done. If you want some boost call up on the UNITY ONENESS WHOLENESS BEING ANGEL ✨ this will help VERY POWERFULLY also. Repeat as necessary – some issues need more that one attention of course. I do it since I was a little child without knowing it and it really works to shift things 💕Blessings ✨🐬

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