Energy update: Take a bigger picture of your life now. Breathe. Open up for new possibilities.

Imagine you are floating in the Universe now. First you see the Milky way, than our solar system, than the Earth, and than you – like a tiny spot… What comes to you through your higher self now? What you see? How do you see your life now? Do you see, feel something you didn’t before? New perceptions, perspectives, possibilities? We can perceive both happenings lately – things that we are letting go, and at the same time new things coming – as never before, as it is Unity Wholeness, Oneness energies starting to come and anchor here in 3 D lately. It means Unity – and it´s meaning is and will be more perceptible here as never before in this dual Universe. You can smell it, how it is, integrate it in you, maybe your perceptions of whatever just suddanly change, let it flow, open up for new visions, new possibilities in your life.. as well as assist yourself to let go what is no longer serving you. Even if it´s a bit challenging, shifts can happen easily now. ❤


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