Puma totem animal – leadership, power.

Puma comes to me these days for us all, with her knowledge of leadership, power, staying in your truth: “I am innate leader, but not to make others to follow me. They can if they want, but it is not my intention, it is irrelevant for me. Also I am not leader “in order to” achieve some position of power – politically, in some group of people etc. I can have that position, but naturally and I am not misusing my power. I just am what I am, I have my charisma and leadership and people are just naturally attracted to me, and we just enjoy one another. But again – no power over others, and I also reject if someone wants to give me his/her own power. I am not a savior. ✨I believe in PUMA inside of everybody of us. Equally. ✨Everybody has his own power, and his own responsibility for his life. I also stay in my truth and don’t playing to be a sheep 🐑or something else I am not. I am what I am. ✨What is your INNER PUMA saying to that??? 😁 🐯🦁

One thought on “Puma totem animal – leadership, power.

  1. Mensaje directo, claro y conciso… ¡así es como me siento! Gracias por todos los post, pero en especial, gracias por este. 😉

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