When you give your power to others? When you don´t want to asume your responsibility?

Energy forecast: ✨Divine Masculine✨comes forward these days, therefore my previous post about healthy Boundaries. Divine masculine means power, not power over others, neither giving our power to others. Means to asume our divine power, our responsibility of our lives & blessings. Where & when we are still blaming others for things that happens in our lives? When we let to decide others about us? Divine Masculine is power from the place of Love💛, willingness to see our “shadow”, to se the whole truth about us honestly. To see our self deceptions. Where & when we are not sincere to ourselves? When we are still giving our power, our responsibility to others & why? Because of fear or guilt, or judgement? ~ You can use my “observation & centering exercise” or another ones from the Internet to process these – whatever works for you is ok. ~ Where we are leading if we continue like this – lying to us and ignoring, avoiding us? What experiences would it bring? And what if we take our power & responsibility back to their owner – to us? These are questions to ask for these days to our souls, our higher selves – to US. Time to look IN. ✨

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