You have the same potential as I have. 

Energy update & my story: I am another you. You are another me. We are One. 🔆 We all are different colors ❤️💛💚💙💜 but WE ALL have the same DIVINE SPARK ✨🔆 – THE DIVINE POTENTIAL OF EVERYTHING WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT WITHIN US 🔥which is unchangeble & eternal. The idea of “You have something what I don’t have” or that “You have some advantage that I don’t”, is an ILLUSION and always have been. The divine true is You are COMPLETELY SOVEREIGN being. You are that Powerful. And it is ONLY UP TO YOU to take it, to activate it, to “do” something with it, to integrate your WHOLENESS you are. ✨How? You don’t really need anybody or anything to do that. Any techniques, tools, activations or healers. Neither my webpage & sessions. All these things are very helpful & powerful, and you can use these things if it is more easier for you to have this assistance, or simply because it is more funny and joyful to do all this TOGETHER. 💛 Don’t take me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, all the contrary. All these thing are really powerful super boosters and I am also using them. But.. at the same time the truth is you don’t really need anything to integrate all Wholeness you are. In other words – You are not DEPENDING on anything or anyone. You can do it by yourself by simple MAKING CHOICES and YOUR ATTITUDE. For example I did it myself in my very past life. It was not my “goal”, I didn’t even know it exists! It was not my intention to achieve anything. But it all simply happened as I felt profound unconditional love to myself and saw myself equal as God, in all my beauty, and also equally powerful, although I was an artificial creation of Anunnaki, created without love and in order to serve them, and also without soul, I was an elemental. 💛 There are no more excuses for anyone, neither exceptions. Simple choices & 1 of them is TO GIVE YOUR POWER TO OTHERS, OR NOT. Everything is within, nothing is without. ALL BLESSINGS ARE UP ON YOU. ✨❤️💛💚💙💜 Petra

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