What jobs your heart would love & enjoy to do if everything was possible for you?

Further PROCESSING EXERCISE! ✨Imagine for a moment: you have money, you have no fear, you LOVE YOURSELF FULLY and you live in a beautiful planet Earth full of endless possibilities! ✨🌍 What “jobs” your heart would LOVE & ENJOY to do? What just bursts straight from your heart?❤️💛💚💙💜 Loving yourself FULLY is super important ingredient here, as it is directly connected to your ABUNDANCE. And – if imagining this something pops up – process it. How? There are many processing exercises on the internet disponible. My favorite one I use from childhood without knowing it is🔆PROCESSING EXERCISE (of anything): 🔆 OBSERVING. Things change with observation, the ENERGY of it (situation, emotion) changes and of you towards it also, cause you LOOK at that fear or anything else, you SEE it, it is SEEN. For you it is not the same thing anymore. At least for YOU. Now – it is needed to do it only from the place of your center, of your core, divine spark, neutrality = without judgements, and important – without intention of changing it!!! No expectations, no judgement. Look at it with Goods eyes you have. If judgement appears – again – just look at it. If you want some boost call up on the UNITY ONENESS WHOLENESS BEING ✨ this will help also. Repeat as necessary. ❤️💛💚💙💜 Petra

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