Hard work or easiness and joy?

Energy update: OPEN YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE & GIVE IN HEALTHY WAY. The thing is still going on around sacrifice, suffering, hard work – which is at the same time theme of ABUNDANCE, EASINESS, JOY & SELF LOVE, WELLBEING. Still many people are believing in hard work, sacrifice and suffering. What I see remembering the history of creation of this Universe is, that it was already created based on these believes. I put the story to comments below! ✨📖💃🏼 So now, with the unity consciousness entering is more easy to clear and see not only these believes (ours or part of old matrix programming) & experiences but also high frequencies which are coming now are specific in helping us to cut these unhealthy dependency cords etc. between us and other beings, of draining energy (abundance, life force) which were created since then – step by step. Therefore the issue around hard work and sacrifice was becoming so real here.⭐️ We are becoming more who we are, ✨SOVEREIGN✨UNITY WHOLE BEINGS & WE ARE OPENING OUR HEARTS TOO – TO RECEIVE & TO GIVE IN A HEALTHY WAY. ✨ Much Love & super important SELF LOOOOVE for us all!!!❤️💛💚💙💜


✨📖There were 3 groups of beings: 1. beings which believed that they don’t have what others do have, and so were demanding other beings to give it to them (abundance, joy, love) 2. beings who believed it, and gave, sacrificed part of them to group n.1 in unhealthy way -opening their sacredness and giving them their light codes in order to give them access to the life force, abundance and love 3. – beings who didn’t believe the 1. group and so stayed in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS – which means yes, we are separated now in this Gods (=Our) expression, experience, just like a white light which split into many colors, but every color is at the same time WHOLE. And so I have EVERYTHING what the another one has, and what God has. They realized that if group one says it has no abundance, love etc., it only means it has to look inside and OPEN UP TO IT, INTEGRATE IT on the way back to WHOLENESS, UNITY which has already started (then). So group 1 and 2 decided to create this universe and to experience theirs believes and actions of giving SACRED life codes to another beings – which yes created “real” dependency and manipulation around abundance & life force.✨📖 This is not WHOLE story cause I would need to write a book about what I see 😂😂😂😂 but as you can see, this goes with us from so so ancient times. Petra

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