You are the highest priority, sacrifice is anti-cristic, is the contrary of God, be the priority for you.

Yesterday & today we are going more “serious” but this profound & many times not understood truth come very strongly to me for us now. Sacrificing ourselves “FOR OTHER”, or “IN ORDER TO”… whatever, to achieve something, or because “I am doing it “FOR GOD” in order to “SERVE” “him”, or because of “MY MISSION”,.. Excuses, arguments are so many, and the price to pay is huge – YOURSELF. YOU are God. ✨ Nothing more, nothing less. You have equal VALUE as God. Would God ever ask you-us to sacrifice you? Sacrifice is not only violation of you-god, it is AUTO-DESTRUCTION of YOU. Little or much, but it is what it is. I am hearing: “How much do you think God loves you? What value do you think you have for God?” ✨ Sacrifice was and still many times is seen as good. And prioritizing and loving our selves, our lives as selfishness. 🤕🤒😂 ..Look at the Frozen movie. It is so precious and highly empowering movie, but the end of the movie there is sacrifice, when Anna prioritize another life before her own. And it is seen as good. 🤕🤒😅Your life is yours. Only YOU have the responsibility for your life, for you-God. Normally people who has sacrificed their lives for others came in the next life very broken – and angry towards others, God.. Because they acted against them-god. These programs of sacrifice comes from very very ancient times (I see). And this society was build up on that when Anunnaki and Archons came to the Earth. It is in our DNA to consider it normal. Many Anunnakis, some reptilians also were literally eating children for they festive days as celebration! 😂🤕🤒🙈all this is is collective memory.. And it is what we are clearing now in all levels – DNA, etheric, astral bodies, believes, programs, firewalls.. It can be harder to love, prioritize and take care of us now -depending on level of affectation, but in all cases, it is so so good as we are freeing us so much. Much 💖✨& super healing hug!! 🐻😊💕

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