First pull into your center, your core, divine spark.

This comes to me repetitively past couple of weeks, as new coming energies are helping us to remember the importance of the sacred space within us, our core, our divine spark ✨in us. It’s a place of peace, unity, “neutrality”, balance and integration, where we can receive all the guidance & healing from our higher selves we need. 👼🏻 There we can perceive and hear our inner voice more clearly.✨You know, we tend to act, create, take decisions from outside in – it means to adjust ourselves to demands, conditions and judgements of outer world, which may resonate with our own limited believes and programs we have – and so we just react up on that, instead of responding to the situations during the day, and so maybe not creating fulfilling life we desire. BUT what if we do it BACKWARDS? From INSIDE OUT? There can be huge difference. If we start right there, pulling frequently, although shortly during the day into our core center, loving & prioritizing ourselves – how this would change our moods, feelings, actions, our decisions we take? Would it be more easier for us to respond instead of react? Would we create lives that are such more closer to our dreams? It is about SELF CARE, SELF LOVE, PRIORITIZING YOU & COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF. So let’s try it! Let’s pull into our core, which is just between the third and the fourth chacra, right on the diafragma – but it doesn’t really matter where it is!! You don’t need to “go there”, just imagine and have the intention to go to your CENTER OF YOUR BEING, TO UNITY. You can call Unity (Oneness) Angel if you would like, and this should help more. 👼🏻 Then you can just stay there and do nothing, you can ask questions, or ask for healing.. We can do that various times per day, even if just for a minute, taking a few breaths – maybe while in the bathroom 🙊🙉🙈😂 and just puuull into that. No words needed. Silence also serve. You will know later. Just being there is already powerful. 🎉☀💖

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