Unmasking ourselves.

Energy & new moon update:

What if we express ourselves as we really are, in our trueness & authenticity? Upcoming energies are facilitating us to bring up to the surface all REPRESSED ASPECTS of ourselves that we were hiding from the world. They can be both “positive” (if they were judged as negative by society and therefore suppressed)” & “negative”. It make us conscious of what masks we are/were wearing on in order to be accepted, respected, loved, or simply not attacked by society, the outer world. It has everything to do with our UNIQUENESS, and our UNIQ EXPRESSION, with our creations (our lives, jobs, children, art,.. Simply how we are and express), as everybody is a uniq special expression of God, and how this is/was seen and judged by others in this and past lives. This can bring out many repressed emotions around this. 😱😂 We can also see more clearly if the REFLECTION of us we were receiving from outer world, the mirror, was true or not (as everybody who lives here was affected by the old matrix and another strange things.. 🙄😄  We can feel vulnerable when showing up in the world in authentic way, being afraid of judgement, rejection, ridiculing. But on the other hand, it is SO LIBERATING to TAKE OFF THE MASKS!!! 💪😀🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈❤Isn’t it? And it is part of the new age of Aquarius and Unity – openness in a healthy way, transparency, authenticity, ❤ to ❤ connections, compassion.. And so maybe see that we are not alone in this. 🐳💖✨

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