💛Love is the only way – also to true abundance. Well – the only easy and natural way. The other way is hard work. Hard work was born on the Earth when some beings rejected love and decided to create a system of dependency and enslavement. 💸 When you love yourself as you are, unconditionally and deeply, you feel immense joy of incredible beauty you see – YOU – so you are grateful for who you are and for your life and all possibilities you have.. then you can see the same beauty everywhere and love everything you see, and so you can create anything you want in your life or it just appears. Love is the essential ingredient when manifesting abundance in your life. Yes, it is important to see also your mental programming, emotional and body blockages around money and abundance, but the forgotten essence here is LOVE. But you can’t say – I am going to love myself in order to attract money, creative ideas or new friends. It doesn’t work like this. It is simply self love which is just born from the deepest part of you as the fountain which wells up to the surface and constantly enriches your life.💚

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