What is your deep true DESIRE?

Energy forecast: Another question came to me for us today with the image of the 🐯TIGER with it’s babies – as a totem animal means various things but related to today’s theme means – ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY FROM YOUR OWN DESIRES? Emotions? Represents also repressed SEXUAL desires & sexual POWER, which connect us directly into our FIRE IN US, 🔥 of LIFE in us, which is power of CREATION – Fire spark always burning, maintaining us ALIVE. This can bring out all our sexual & DEEP PROFOUND DESIRES from our unconsciousness to our conscious mind. These can be divine or perverted – but even if are perverted, there is huge message behind it for you. Sexuality and sex. desire is what influences our EXPRESSION, CREATION of our reality – and so EVERY SINGLE AREA OF OUR LIVES. If we feel pure & innocent, accepted, loved, or backwards. Were we criticized as children for our natural expression, forced to do things “their way”? Shamed for physical attractive aspects? -> sexual issues, shame, feeling dirty, not worthy, etc.. and this will be reflected in our reality we create. Many issues and hurts around sexuality, desire, pleasure can pop up now. Powerful theme indeed. I always say that if ones “resolve” his issues around sexuality, he will be free in almost all areas of his life. Oh Yes, that’s so powerful. Everything starts with a desire. – and here comes to me another thing – CONNECTING SEX with LOVE. ❤️🔥 🙂

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