Alive. Dependency – Sovereignty.

Life 💧 Go with the unity flow 💧 Be Alive💧Being really ALIVE it is truly possible ONLY in UNITY. Duality means conflict, means distortion, means death. Not so much physical death (but can include), as being alive but at the same time don’t being, neither feeling REALLY ALIVE – you know what I mean? To RESTORE LIFE WITHIN YOU MEANS RESTORING UNITY WITHIN YOU. 💧 YOU CAN DO IT BY YOURSELF, YOU ARE SO POWERFUL. ❤️🔥 You don’t need anything and anyone outside of you, neither me and this IG or my website, neither anyones else’s. No coachs, no healers, NOTHING. EVERYTHING IS WITHIN, NOTHING IS WITHOUT. So what we do in UnityCocreators? Or why exists healers etc.? Well, if it’s not a charlatan 😄, we just support, help, TO MAKE IT EASIER. So it IS OK to do it with a bit of support, ours or anyone else’s on the Internet – if that supports your divine TRUTH, your ESSENCE, it is ok, as at the same time you are not alone, and we can do things together. But not from the place of DEPENDENCY but SOVEREIGNTY. The change of perspective is everything. So with us, others or alone – just do it, because you – we can!🔥❤️

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