Energy update

Yes we can. We have more POWER than we realize. We have ALL we need INSIDE US. 💙 Very powerful times this summer and this fall. 🔅Lately I see many videos and articles which said, that “Anunnaki will come back to the Earth to enslave humanity again in 2017” and other catastrophic scenarios, as during last years was usual, which intention is as always to create more fear, and as usually I see the contrary is happening inside us (and when we take actions according to that – in outer world also, little by little).

🔅We all were passing through infinite processes – consciously or not, which have much to do with our childhood and past -lives, now related to Anunnakis and their creations: system (matrix, enslavement, control) and beings they created (laboratories, programmed, etc.) 🔅So we all are diving deep into all these experiences – each one from his own perspective – as Anunnaki, as a created being, or another beings which were present here at that time, and perceiving how this all changed our experience here on the Earth individually and as a species.

🔅Coming energies facilitate us to See New Perspectives around our past, and when we shift it – see it, heal it, forgive, empower – we can notice quite Big Relief and Fresh Air in our present now. Now we may feel sudden Desire and Power in us to create more sovereign reality, which would be more blissful for us. We can feel and create again as a PURE INNOCENT CHILD we are, in compassion (conscious love) and playfulness. Respecting it in us, taking it seriously, making it prioritary & sacred (in) our lives again. 👶🏻❤️🔆

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