Energy Forecast

Look what I have found when I sat down on the shore of the beach! 🙂 I saw only 1 cm of something orange in the sand right by my side and than I took out this butterfly 😄 This week’s energy forecast contain words as – forgiveness – you & others, clearing past & relationships, diving deep and seeing through illusion, then reemerge & enlight things, shift perspectives, new friendships or renewing old relationships – but only the resonant ones, unconditional love and FAITH. Recovering child playfulness and innocence. Go there and play as a kid, just because nothing.. Be a kid again! do you remember? 🎈 Things are shifting up friends, and if you were doing stuff you will see results soon. Miracles will happen if you are cocreating your reality and believe. All these summer and September purging will has its result. ✨If you need some help please check out my activations and healing sessions on Awesome week to all! 🦄💜

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