What Does It Mean Being “Spiritual” Here?

What Does It Mean Being “Spiritual” Here? And what if you get angry, sad, “low vibrational” or you don’t manifest whatever – money, house, friends, partner.. . In many “spiritual” and specially New awakened people now there is a SUPER JUDGEMENT, and 0 ACCEPTATION of these, of whatever appears for whatever reason. There is so much DEMAND, PRESSURE and FALSEHOOD, instead of getting real, acceptation, understanding & love.
And I say to them: YOU DON’T KNOW! Majority of awakened people DON’T SEE the REAL REASON of everything that happens, internally or externally. Many people think that everything is just so simple as smiling all the time & following the rules of “LAW OF ATTRACTION”, and if “you” attract “bad” things to you life, it is BAD & it is your FAULT. And I tell you again, if you say that, you don’t know.
Things are not so simple as they seem Here. God yes, is super simple.
So, maybe those “bad thing” that were manifested in your life are 1. a BLESSING, and you are in ABSOLUTE ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR SPIRIT, OR maybe 2. IT IS NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU, that you did not manifested something or you manifested that “bad thing”, OR 3. YES IT IS 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, OR it is a MIX of these.
But I am glad to know, that there were always, and for the moment still are – although every time much less- dark invisible stuff of things, and it is NOT just an excuse. I came here as extremely Powerful Being and in each one of my lives I was testing UNITIL WHERE the current CONDITIONS ALLOW ME TO BE A SOVEREIGN EMPOWERED BEING I ALREADY WAS.
I am saying this not to desempower or victimize anybody, that is up to you. It is a bigger picture, and I want to add this vision as everybody now speaks about empowering, and creating, and I see so much disappointment, self- push, self exigency around it.
Yes we are powerful beings and creators and so we can know the truth and still stay empowered and we can SENSE WHAT IT IS in each situation, or learn to do so. This is for me the TRUE EMPOWERMENT. It has so much to do with COMPASSION, shifting the view and self love. And in therms of our inner states, low emotions & stuff, it is the same, if you have “low vibrational” moments or days, don’t judge yourself, neither others. It all depends on your view, and how you will apply it into your life. Don’t be so hard with yourself, but don’t be the victim neither.
I AM UNITY and my power and gift is to create a space for everything that is, for the highest or lowest vibration of this entire creation at the same time & space, no shame, no guilt, no opinion – FOR WHO WANT, who chooses Unity, God (it does not mean that I let people dance on the top of my head 🙂 God is like this and it is the only way to heal, shift and UNIFY things.

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