Almost 3 weeks having dreams about WATER and.. BLOOD. Receiving a lot of info around. Deep purification of blood, life & creative force in another level – atomic, is occurring now. Don’t really know how to say this, but the energetical system of our physical bodies here, especially on the Earth, was “hijacked”, all life force & sexual flow was functioning in pyramidal vampiric structure 🕷🕸 – oh yeah I was dealing with these in my dreams 🙂 and now we are breaking free! 🙂 – at least at another level, this time very very profound. Someone can feel it more, another less, the intensity depends on DNA, on your Soul – Spirit Origin – who you are, and on if you were, as me, cloned (so your DNA ended up mixed with so many other types of DNA, etc.), or if your blood or.. whatever 🙂 was used in rituals in your past lives – in order to own your powers, to manipulate, etc. Oh Yeah breeth deeply 🙂 So that’s it. This used to happen in the past especially to very high vibe billings and to Unity beings. This is just another reason why some people were “glowing” with others glow, and so seemed saints 🙂 and the original ones seemed to be bad guys. 🙂 Noticing release at this level, feeling be seen so much more – for the moment on level of – by light elementals & elements. Thank you guys, was so technical issue again, it’s ok! 🙂 Feeling pressure in the body as the unity life force enter and pure source energy releasing all this limitations. BREATHE DEEP & BRING LIFE INTO YOU. We got the Power! Yeah! 😄👍🏻

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