Preparing for: REENCOUNTERS between Highly Resonant People, Souls; Twin Flames

Center today & in up coming weeks to what type of friends do you want to have in your life, and what kind of relationships are not in alignment with your true You anymore. All energies which are coming here lately are serving as a preparation phase to what begins to come in September 2016, and during the whole year 2017 – PHYSICAL REENCOUNTERS BETWEEN HIGHLY RESONANT PEOPLE, SOULS; TWIN FLAMES, etc. Why it is happening now, and not before? One, BIG part of the answer is – because of artificial technical issues – again. = Old matrix, artificial astral network, energy & sexual network, etc. (to see more check out my latests posts), which were not in favor of this kind of relationships, but on the contrary. This high vibe relationships, and specially those VERY high vibe, many times ended up as impossible because there was too much fight, pain, confusion, difficulty in seeing true colors and bright of each other, mental inputs of negative thoughts about each other, other neg. influences and apparent energetic rejection & incompatibility, on sexual level also, etc, etc.. = everything was Upside Down again! 🙂 So it was basically like swimming agains the flow of the river. Aaaaand, the exact opposite was happening towards “bad guys” – that´s interesting.. 🙂 So the high vibe people ironically many times ended up surrounded by these “bad guys” as “easier” kind of relationships. 🙂 This was a part of the old paradigm of Duality, and as we decided the New Paradigm of Unity, these “unification” proceses, which are naturally restoring things into the Divine Order in all areas, are taking place phase by phase. So, the energies that are coming her now, are helping us to release all these technical issues, to see, to remember, re-align with our true self and with these resonant souls, and it is more easier for us, if we are willing to see, to honor this changes and to CoCreate this. You can help this process when you align with your higher self, so you feel who you are, and what relationships you truly desire, and are truly matching with you, and you imagine it. For some people these reencounters has already begun to happen, so very Happy Re-encounters in love, in our true-ness to all! 🙂 If you want to support you in these, and other “unification” 🙂 processes, you can book your session on:, and we are so happy to support you in this, blessings, unity cocreators! 🙂 Image credit to: <a href=””>Fondo

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