News: Unifying with Higher Self, from 20. July 2016

From around 20th of July, we are stepping into very close connection and very high level of unifying between us and our HIGHER SELVES, which bring us advanced level of mastering of being a creator of our lives now so much more aligned with your higher self, with who you are and your soul purpose which is BE YOU. This new unified connection with higher self means also to go receiving more Gifts, all kind of blessings and mastering all these abilities, powers as a creator here. This it is long therm thing which is starting now, so many things will be cleared around it, and these days it is guilt and shame around feeling worthy, “prepared”, pure, sufficiently.. whatever, .. to receive your higher self and all good things which come with it, In You. Some of these guilts and shames can be based on real responsibilities, may include guilt towards your higher self, or shame around who you truly are if someone in the past made feel you so, and many others are fake, just old matrix program applied to your life. Fears can pop up also. It does not matter what you did you create in the past, what kind of creator you was, you are prepared, you are enough and loved and it only does matter what you want to create now. BREATH IN YOUR HIGHER SELF. Connect with it, let it flow through you, and with it all your gifts and powers and all true You. Embrace who you really are. So much love sending to all this universe, Earth and all this creation. No shame, no guilt, just love, YOU ALREADY ARE.

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