It was happening BOTH WAYS!

WE ARE UNMASKING AGAIN! 🙂 Sooo.. 😂 Here we go! We used to see pictures of reptil inside the human body, but not human or light being inside the reptil mask! So the revelation is that: IT WAS HAPPENING BOTH WAYS! 😂😂😂 It means that not only “bad guys” where glowing with light beings – another’s glow, using their gifts, powers, life force, sexual energy, lowering to minimum (stealing) the Source connection & communication (channeling) – using it all to seem “good”, make friends, earn money from that, BUT that also means that “Good Guys” seemed all contrary to what they really was, disempowered, incapable, low self expression, low channeling capacity, low vital energy, no glow – but the contrary, insecurity, no money, no friends, 🙂 etc… Check my previous post if you wanna know more around it. Xoxo! –

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