How do you feel about your Greatness?

It´s so wonderful, that I am so Big, so Infinite. You are. We all are. Have you ever experienced, that someone was pretending that you are shining “too much”? That your love, joy, purity, power, beauty, health, life force, consciousness – whatever divine characteristics you have, that YOUR GREATNESS was bordering him, her? Well, what is really bordering this being has probably nothing to do with you and your shining through divinity, but it´s own issues around his relationship with his own divinity and greatness, with God. I see wounds around this in many people, mostly coming from their past lives, and so – Are we playing small sometimes? I encourage us all to let go of the fear and insecurity, and to step into our Greatness today, if only for a moment, and maybe it will be more easier with this (or another) affirmation: “To be Great (big) is good, is divine, is wonderful for me and for all. I give myself permission to be Big, to be infinite, to be who I really am fully. I am safe, we all are safe.” Blessings of love, encouragement and power fly to you know! ❤ Shine, shine, shine, bright! You are not alone! 🙂

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