The Whole Divine Unity Being Cocreation


Hi, welcome in our website! To know us better you can read this text, or watch our presentation video below.

Hi, welcome to the world of Unity, where the Divine is being manifest. This world, is your inner world, and it´s your outer world. A world of profound Peace, where conflict does not exist, as the conflict creates duality, peace creates Unity, where all parts of you exist and function as one, in perfect harmony & divine co-creation. Your mind, your heart, your body, your subtle bodies, all your dimensions, all You functioning in Divine Unity as One. In this world, you are Unity, free of sensation of separation, just feeling you are complete and whole. So you are the Divine. The Divine joy, love, consciousness, peace, power, freedom.. all the aspects of the divine, free of any distortions, just in their original and natural state of perfection. IT IS YOU. You are the divine perfection. You are the Divine.

Now, imagine how would be the outer world, as a reflection of your inner state. What kind of reality can you create from this place? And look! There are other people like you!! What can you co-create with them? How it would be, if you were in the space where everybody is just feeling to be One with each other? It is a state of Divine Unity, in love, in peace, in liberty. It is your natural state of being. Imagine this world, where all beings are existing as a little divine parts within the Whole, where everything just function by itself, because its divine nature, in perfect harmony & cocreation, like an cosmic orchestra. All just being themselves freely, expressing them as they truly are, the pure divine beings, in their uniqueness and beauty. What a world it would be!

And what if this all was possible? What if this dream was not only a dream, but an existing possibility of reality that we can create? Would your heart like to birth this dream into reality? We invite you to do so, if this is what you desire, as we do. Let´s cocreate it together!

In our website www.unitycocreators.com , you can find tools as individual and group activations, energetic transmissions, and others, which are here to help you with your own creation of your Divine You, which you are, free of any distortions, of duality, and we are so happy to offer them out to the world, to you.